Family Promise IHN of Lorain County was started in 2008 by local business people who have a heart for their community.

Our networks of congregations and volunteers meet homeless families' immediate needs for shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services.

The Lorain County Family Promise IHN program utilizes a cost-efficient and effective community response to the local declining housing situation. We strive to provide a way to house families who are experiencing homelessness by uniting 5 distinct components:

  • host congregations
  • volunteers
  • social service agencies
  • a day center
  • transportation

Guests in the program are Moms, Dads, or couples with children.

During the day, guest families stay at a day center. While there the Network Director, who manages all components of the program, works intensively with the families as they seek childcare, housing, jobs, and other needed resources.


At night, guest families stay at a host congregation which provides shelter, meals, and support.

Volunteers prepare meals, provide supplies, host evening activities, sleep overnight, staff the day center, and most importantly provide human compassion.

A Network van is available to transport guests between host congregations and the day center; children are transported to their schools of origin, providing for continuity in their education during a time of instability.