Contact us today if you are interested in volunteering on any of the following committees:

Committee Roles


  • Assesses the board's membership needs
  • Cultivates, interviews, and recommends candidates to the board at annual election and through the year to fill vacancies
  • Recommends slate of officers for annual election
  • Maintains accurate information on board members and keeps current board list
  • Develops board notebooks and keeps information up to date
  • Plans and conducts orientation for new board members
  • Assesses needs for board training and seeks opportunities for continued board development
  • The committee should meet immediately after each annual meeting to begin its work for the next year.


  • Works with Network director to draft annual budget; submits budget recommendations to board
  • Recommends financial and investment policies
  • Ensures that bookkeeping, banking, and accounting responsibilities are competently handled
  • Provides regular financial reports to the board
  • Works with Development Committee to ensure that budget goals are also realistic fundraising goals
  • Recommends and works with accounting firm to perform annual audit
  • Ensures that financial reports are submitted to appropriate entities in a timely manner (for example, IRS Form 990, employee tax reports)
  • The treasurer chairs the Finance Committee. It's helpful to have at least one member who has accounting experience.


  • Plans, supports, monitors, and evaluates Network's fundraising program. Develops annual and long-term goals
  • Enlists the support of all trustees in three key activities:
    • Personally contributing to the Network
    • Reaching potential donors through business, personal contacts
    • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Maintains up-to-date donor list
  • Cultivates individual donors
  • Reports to full board at each board meeting
  • The Committee's job is to develop fundraising plans, enlist the full participation of the board, and ensure that fundraising goals are met.


  • Develops, regularly reviews, and recommends personnel policies
  • Recommends salary ranges, salary adjustment rates, and benefits for all staff positions
  • Reviews Network director's job description annually to ensure that it remains current
  • Recommends new staff positions
  • Identifies and creates opportunities for staff development
  • At least one member of the Personnel Committee should have experience in Human Resources. The Network director hires, supervises and evaluates other staff members.


  • Develops and implements a public relations plan to enhance the image and visibility of IHN in the community
  • Keeps updated lists of personnel in all appropriate media, including print (newspapers, magazines), radio, and television
  • Submits press releases and other information to press on regular basis
  • Develops a Speaker's Bureau and ensures that those speaking on behalf of Network (trustees, other volunteers, former guests) have correct information to present publicly
  • Regularly reviews Network's brochure and other community relations pieces to ensure up-to-date, well-presented information
  • Keeps Family Promise informed of success stories and events suitable for publication in Family Promise's newsletter and other publications
  • At least one member of the committee should have public relations experience.


  • On an ongoing basis assesses the health of the relationship between the Board/ staff and the congregations
  • Meets with clergy on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship between Family Promise and the congregations remains healthy.
  • Together with the Director, arranges to speak at congregations several times/year, to provide information on program successes and Family Promise activities.
  • Works with the Fund Development Committee to engage congregations in providing financial donations to Family Promise
  • Recruits new host and support congregations
  • Maintains records on contacts with congregations relative to hosting and other involvement in Family Promise activities
  • Works with the Director to plan congregational appreciation events, such as Volunteer Appreciation dinners, Clergy Breakfasts, and so on.
  • Assists the Director in engaging congregation members in additional program activities, such as Mentoring, Transitional Housing, and so on.